Concentration Camps of Canada

Based on a True Story by Baron Alexander Deschauer and Lucky Deschauer


Imagine a world where everyone lives in harmony. A world where square miles of farmland are given to settlers in exchange for them agreeing to move there. A world of freedom, laws, and opportunity.

That world is Canada, then and now.

Unknown to the world and its citizens, that same government waged a genocidal war against its Indigenous peoples—never granting them ownership of land they freely gave to European settlers. A war that was fought in residential schools as they stripped Indigenous peoples of their language, culture, and pride. So successful was this method that Adolf Hitler used it as the model for his own concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

This is the story of a young boy growing up in that world, determined to be a man in a system that only saw him as an Indian.

Migizi’s story.

Based on the truth.

“​A sensitive, well-told story of one life ruined by the racism of involuntary assimilation.” — Kirkus Reviews

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Brothers Baron and Lucky were born in Winnipeg, Canada. Baron is the author of several books including the Man on the Run series, Revelation, and The Art of Wealth. Lucky is a philanthropist and builder.


Baron Alexander Deschauer
Lucky Deschauer