Mind Travelers

Have you ever dream of traveling simply by thinking about it. What if something just like this could happen or is happening?

Read this Sci-Fi novel or is it really sci-fi 🙂

To find out, click on the link below and get the book.

Product Description

A tasteful Sci-Fi action adventure novel that deals with life and death, reincarnation, out of body experiences and futuristic interior design while playfully positing hi-tech inventions and lifestyle of the future along-side the physics of time travel.
-Having stumbled on his ability to traverse time and space, Victor ventures back twenty years inadvertently causing an undesirable present day alternate reality complete with criminals from the future who prey upon the innocent. Upon his return Victor discovers the extensive damage he has caused and the need to return to the past and correct his mistake. To right his wrong, Victor first must train in the art of time travel and work with a team to orchestrate the correction of a twenty year time-line gone awry.
-I hope you enjoy this venture into “Inner Space” as much as I have enjoyed creating it.Happy Reading – Vince Leroux

available in Ebook kindle or paperback