This site was born out of necessity. I am trying to generate revenue to finance a important VR photographic project. As I was finishing to build this site Is saw someone else doing about the same thing “Patreon”. I have great respect for them. it showed me that it was possible.

Here was born, a place where you can subscribe to blog freely(You must respect Adsence licence agreement and be legal, you assume your words) you can talk about your sponsor and make money or simply talk about your passion and make a name for yourself.

Then I wanted to make it so the reader had more than one reason to come back. So I added a full section of free game online and I added the classified Ads.

What could set appart from other blog. So I got an RSS aggregator service running. I believe that having all the media regroup on to one site like a search engine of news. On place where you can find the news of your interest. click on it and land on a new site. The host news site generate RSS feed that I use to advertise there news site and create momentum. It help them get found by more people and it help me.

Many RSS feed have adjusted there content to fit on I have seen many change. and it is all positive. Now they manage there RSS feed to attract people to there site. I hope that a trend will emerge from this. and maybe some news site will asked that i add there site to

The project. 

Where I live we have the most beautiful historical Church in America. They need help. I want to create complet virtual tour of those site. Those virtual tour will have music(Casavan Organ as possible), build-in HD pictures, Historical detail of the church, and some easter egg in some of them.

It will be compatible with those google cardboard glasses.

and on the welcome page of each VR tour I want to place a Paypal Donate button. Since I want to make sure the money will preserve those historical building I think I will go for a Legally Managed fund for renovation.

If it all work well, I could also accept request to make VR of other church under invitation.

Equipement and time

I can’t do it if i stay at my job so it as to feed me also.

I need an OSMO+ from DJI for inside shot with integrated video. (I can’t say to much at the moment 🙂 )

I have the rig for 360 photography and a Drone for arial Vue in 360.

I got the software and computer to manage the assembly

and the web site to host those virtual tour is


Member; The way I hope to do it. by subscribing to my site as base member you help first pay for this site. Then when enough people will have joined it will allow me to start the project. Only the Member will be allowed to view the tour.

Blogger; you can also help by subscribing as a blogger write story about what ever you like. Get yourself sponsored to cover your fee or make money.

Playgame; those game are payed by ads, by playing on my site it also help

Classified ads; Using that section is also payed by ads and the Featured ads are also bringing income. the basic ads are free and will remain free.

Let me resume what you get: A web site to find all the news (hub), online games, Free classified ads, no ads when you logon the main site(only, for clutter free reading). and finally access to all the VR tour I will be able to create.

I call upon all the church priest to let there people know I want to build this big project. All Catholic, Christian and all those who can appreciate the beauty of those historical Church. Help Me make it happen.

Those of you who can make touring for tourism. we need to talk

If you want to talk about it. let me know

Alain Champs