Thinking about sponsoring a author?


This site is different from many other, in the sense that only sponsored author write article on this site. This mean someone with interest like yours is writing a story for people interested in your product. Have you taught about sponsoring?

Let me give you an example, The author love fishing, He(she) is a fishing guide and use lots of product. Every week he(she) write a story about his last trip with his(her) client or experience. You are the sponsor of that author. You send him a few item or image to be placed in the article. It append you have a new tackle. You send him the tackle he test it. Show the benefit of it and tels people where to get it. Or in one article he simply put a ads link to a store to get that item.

Ok this is quite basic, but imagine the possibility!

Have you used those on-line ads system?

How much does it cost you to push ads to web page around the world? How many are shown and how many are clicked. In fact it is the equivalent to sending a bottle to the ocean and asking them to call you. It will take million of bottle and they have to be ultra shinny.

Those company that create ads system flood the world with ads that people are not even noticing. Why is this a failure? Just like anything we get used to it. Having publicity in the subway, news paper, web. and all those add are randomly directed at the client. Just because one day you type in “clown” in a search engine you will receive ads about “clown”. It does not mean you want a clown….

How much do you pay for those pseudo targeted ads every month?

Sponsoring is not a free gift.

See it as a new marketing tools. This tools offer the client content that he(she) likes about what he(she) likes. He is more likely to be attentive to the product being shown. You show the clients tips, places about what the client want and by the way I have that tools that would be just fine for that.

Aggression is not the solution.

We all know that to keep someone interested we have to be nice. no one like to yield at. By trowing ads at random it is the same as yelling all the time but now one listen or care.

A good article written by someone how know is field of expertise, tend to relax the mind of you client. You (your business) become part of His(her) life because you made the first step like a friend.

Why one club?

A Club of blogger or author of article of interest. If one blogger have a site the chance to be notice are slim. If many join on one site., they are in fact all marketing agent pointing to one domain name. Where if you find one blogger you find all the other. Together they create a great magazine that people will love and come back often for multiple reason.

The future of this site.

At the moment there is a NEWS feed running (RSS), as the blogger write article more and more, I will reduce the news feed up to nothing. Leaving all the site for the author and the sponsor.

The client have the choice to subscribe at low price, it remove all ads except those installed by the author for his(her) sponsor. allow them to comment and ask question, use the integrated Google translate. and future exclusive member only article.

It is recommended that the sponsor create image 200 by 200 to fit on mobile screen as well as computer screen.


I have created this site because I am tired of those disposable social media and there web site made only to get people attention for 30 sec.

It is my wish that many other like me will see the benefit of an open magazine / blog like Yes it is a club and there is a small fee to be a member.

The goal is to reach people still interested in what life have to offer and not what the neighbor had for breakfast.