Why would you share you RSS with you-blog.club? We are advertising in a different manner. You build your site and it come with a build-in RSS. Why not use it to your advantage.

You-blog.club offer the RSS agregator service for it’s client and a blogging club. You send us your RSS link and web site description and url. We add it to hour RSS aggregator and increase your view. It is free.

What do we get from it? The more people discover us the more they discover you. win win.

You have a great site and want more people to find out about it?

We are setting the goal high. We hope to help you the serious blogger by getting you more visibility than those spam ads blog site. (They drive the value of an ads down…)

Any site that does not meat those criteria will be refused. Real site with real article will be promoted on you-blog.club only.

One last thing make sure you respect Adsense agreement. It is our sponsor and most of us need them to survive.

Here’s what you need to do.

Get you RSS feed ready.

You need to properly set your RSS as to not give everything all the time. Keep your best article by adding a link to READ MORE pointing to the complete article on your site. In a way you-blog.club become a gateway for your site.

You can link your video or protect them, so the client come to your site. Anyway you choose make sure they have enough information to follow up on your site.  Use in video ads can help make more $ for you.

It is important to link pictures (minimum 1) to your article and enough information to make your client want to read more. Be fair with your reader as they wont be fooled twice.

A technical aspect we would like you to make sure you do, (it help generating proper link to your site)
Set the variable of your feed (method may differ from Technologie used on your website)


{{meta : xyz}} {{source_meta : xyz}}

The meta is important if you want the key word to stand out.


Doe it work, yes it does. Many RSS as been adapted to this method, I can see the click on to those site. I expect people we get the in the habit to surf our site to find more interesting site.

In our case a link out will be a good thing. and it you case a refereed click from us will be a great thing.

Contact us at service@champsvisions3d.com when ready.