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About that project: here is a short description of the project. I want to create high quality virtual tour of our historical church in Québec. You know we have an old history in Québec, some of those church need help. I could help them and helping myself at the same time(create job for team). Every tour will have a button DONATE for a fund that I will create. Church will be able to apply to get help. All the money will be place in a fiduciary. I will help the church who allowed me to get the pictures (if they apply). The web site will generate revenue to keep the project going.

Also a future partner ship with a travel agency to make tour of those refurbished Church. Every trip will have some fund dedicated for the fiduciary fund.

Finally if it all works well i will take invitations to make other church in other Province or States. Expend as possible.

You-blog.club will become a gateway to access all those Virtual Tour.

This is why i need you to support me.

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