August 21, 2017
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    Mind Travelers 2 – Harold’s Journey

    The second instalment of the Mind Travelers Trilogy. A tasteful Sci-Fi action adventure novel that explores life and death, reincarnation, out of body experiences and futuristic interior design, playfully positing hi-tech inventions and lifestyle of [...]
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    Mind Travelers

    Have you ever dream of traveling simply by thinking about it. What if something just like this could happen or is happening? Read this Sci-Fi novel or is it really sci-fi 🙂 To find out, [...]
  • Alain Champs

    The patent scam

    Austin Meyer emailed me today. I am sure he would like you to know about this. I also believe you should look at this. It is very important if you have a business or your [...]
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    COUNTRY ARTIST JESSIE CHRIS & PRESIDENT TRUMP IN WV ON MONDAY AT NATIONAL BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE   Elvis Duran’s Today Show Artist of The Month Jessie Chris will be performing tomorrow for 40,000 scouts in [...]
  • Alain Champs


    July 19, 2017. I have received this post request. I taught it would be nice to help out. Here have a look. if you can help them click the link sPACYcLOUd is bringing Skate Girls [...]
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    Concentration Camps of Canada

    Based on a True Story by Baron Alexander Deschauer and Lucky Deschauer   Imagine a world where everyone lives in harmony. A world where square miles of farmland are given to settlers in exchange for [...]
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    New Book “Dangerous MILO”

    ”Fat people will hate this book.” –Ann Coulter ”Cynical ignorant fucker.” –Stephen Fry ”If you don’t use your freedom of speech, one day you might find that it’s gone. Buy this book while it’s legal.”–Peter [...]


In the Spotlight

Woman trapped in pool saved by social media

by DEF in 01 Actuality 0

This post was originally published on this site RSS feed URL:Alabama –Montgomery Leslie Kahn logged onto Epping Squawks, a town Facebook page with something always going on. “I started with 911 and an exclamation point. [...]


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