Best Beaches in America | Asbury Park


Because you need to make every second of summer count, Thrillist’s Live Your Best Summer is here to make sure you’ll have no regrets come Labor Day — other than the fact that summer’s over.
Motel 6, those legendary roadside purveyors of clean, comfortable rooms where Tom Bodett leaves the light on for you, conducted a survey this year that showed a full 25 million Americans have never seen the ocean. And in a country that borders three oceans — with one state completely surrounded by ocean — that’s just a sad stat. Even if you have seen the ocean before, likely you haven’t been to every inch of coastline this great nation provides. And summer is the perfect time to fix either of those situations. Of course, once you’ve decided to visit a beach, the big question becomes where. The obvious choices like California, Florida, and Hawaii are always nice picks. But some unexpected destinations like Michigan and Delaware also pack some serious beachside punch. So no matter where you live, or where you’re going, here are the 13 beaches you should make a point to hit this summer.
Asbury Park, New Jersey 
The Jersey Shore is always a time-honored summer beach trip. But once you’ve done Point Pleasant and outgrown Seaside Heights, perhaps it’s time to try something different. Bruce Springsteen’s launching pad has made a rise from ruin worthy of, well, a Springsteen song, where the once dilapidated beachfront is once again alive with sun-worshippers by day, live music by night. The Stone Pony is still going strong, and the Downtown is now full of chic, modern restaurants, cocktail bars, and interior design shops. Which some might call gentrification, but for a visitor make it a much more appealing choice.
Others that made the grade
Huntington Beach, California
Surfside, Florida
Waikiki, Hawaii
Juno Beach, Florida
Carolina Beach, North Carolina
Orange Beach, Alabama
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Siesta Key Beach, FL
Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan
Lanai, Hawaii
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Coney Island, New York








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