Mini Drone called Tiny whoop

My first Inductrix. Ready to fly out of the box bind and fly model


In this article I will talk about a fun thing to do inside and out side (after 6pm when the wind set down).

I am a professional UAV pilot, I needed a drone to keep my hands in shape. Winter are long and cold. What was my option?

I found a drone called Inductrix Bind and fly. Very agile and fun. I already had my DX9 controller to fly it.

After a few research on the net I found that many where flying FPV Tiny whoop. My instructor already had introduced me to one.

This is where the adventure began.





I wanted a carbon frame and powerful motor. New colourful blade. So my search ended up on a web site that start with a B( will not name them). That web site seem to had all I wanted. cool i thought. A set up that would have been very hot ended on a bad experience.

It cost me 80$ Can to find out not all online store are worth it and still no drone.

Now I was very disappointed. all the part i ordered had problems with them. The Frame could not fit the board, could not fit the motor. The new motor could not fit standard Inductrix frame. I went to get a new frame Inductrix pro and still the motor would not fit the frame that I ended up breaking while trying to install the motor. I finally got the nice blade all color. You guessed, it could not fit standard motor or the new one.

All that time waisted.

Then my instructor told me about a controller board that was programmable just like a real large drone. Bee Brain. I went and search again on the internet. and I found 2 site RotorGeeks and New Bee Drone.

I got the board from RotorGeeks (very fast) the package was exactly a it was supposed to be.

And then i went to New Bee Drone and ordered the motor gold kit (3 set), some nice blade, some spare screw and grommet. and 2 cockroach frame that was like the original but re-inforced.

Again perfect shipping and all was exactly as i hope to be.

This time I was on the right track!

I mounted the new motor (gold) to the cockroach frame and the fitted nicely just right. I installed the new Bee brain on the Frame all fitted nicely. the motor connector fitted on the frame and the scree holes almost perfect.

Got my Google chrome started, installed the Betaflight and started to upgrade the firmware to 3.0.1. No problem at all. Then I followed the instruction on thePDF file available on the web site to set it up. Very complete software and the Bee brain is very nice to work with.

I flew a bit(LOTS) with that Tiny drone and it was super fast and more agile than the original Inductrix. I was WOW

Now I needed a nice camera. I made the mistake to get the camera with the cloverleaf antenna instead of the dipole antenna. It work dont get me wrong. but it is a lot more fragile. if possible get the Dipole Antenna.


I cut the wire on to the board (Mistake the board was on the frame. Remove the board from the frame to solder the wire.) I slightly touch the frame and damaged it, but not enough to scrap it. Then I fixe it all to the frame, I had to squeeze the frame a little on the side to make the screw fit in. Nothing major.

Tested it all again in line of sight. everything went smooth.

Finally I needed a FPV google, I did not want to pay much. I juste wanted to have a beginner fps goggle. I got the spectrum industrie goggle. work well, does the job. and allow me to experience FPV for the first time.

After a few day flying, I am getting the hang of it. I found that I work my fine hand coordination a lot more that before. witch translate directly on my large drone as a better control of the flight. lots of fun



I would like to say a big thank to New Bee Drone for there excellent service and RotorGeeks. They are both Highly recommended by me. I hope that you will avoid the mistake of going around like me and use those 2 web site. (note I am not sponsored by them).

Tiny whoop
it is turning green with the grass :)
Tiny Whoop

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What will be my next project?….