July 19, 2017.

I have received this post request. I taught it would be nice to help out. Here have a look. if you can help them click the link

sPACYcLOUd is bringing Skate Girls Tribe, as well as a pro skateboarder, Natalie Krishna Das, to Cuba to organize first-of-its-kind female-only skateboard competition!

In Cuba, skateboarding is still an unrecognised sport by the government, and the girls search to find their paths in a subculture that is not only male dominated but also completely underground.


Learn About Our Trip

We launched a fundraiser to help our crew get there. The money will cover the flights, transportation, accommodation and food for the girls that will travel to Cuba. We will bring skateboarding shoes, decks, and trucks for the girls. Please share our fundraiser within your circles. Our goal is to help girls in Cuba foster a productive skate culture and empower girls across the island!.


Please donate to our fundraiser. Your contribution will ensure more women and girls are inspired to skateboard, and it will help lift the culture of skateboarding in Cuba.



Good Luck Girl. Have fun.