Mobile interface changed and more

We made some major change to the site interface.

Mobile user:

You need to know, the link for the classified ads and Games are now at the bottom of the page. This allow for a more clear menue to navigate your favorite RSS FEED.

Casual user:

The current model where the ads pays for the service is not viable. All new RSS FEED will be accessible only to the Club member.

Become a Club member:

It cost almost nothing, at 3.00USD every 2 month. It covers for maintaining the site.

To thank the new club member the First month is Free when subscribing.

What else:

More RSS Feed will be made available only to Club Members.

Club member get to read free of ads (except in the case of a Sponsored Blogger, This will on or 2 ads per article)

Club Member get access to private club member Forum. (by contacting the admin you will be able to get Forum topic build if you want them)

Club member have access to a google translate tools build in site.

And as we get some good sponsored blogger some article will be made available only to club member. There sponsor will appreciate having there 2 ads per page only to them self.

Club Member can ask if they want a specific RSS NEWS feed and it is open to public, If it is possible i will add it to the club member RSS feed.

Hope to see you become a member.

Become a Club Member



Some Feed may disappear as they are made free by the host and can be removed by them. But basically it is good for business to manage there RSS in a positive manner. Many RSS feed on this site will allow you to keep reading in more detail there article on the host site. A 360 win situation for you, the host site and