Disaster Prediction App

I Have been a follower of the Suspicious 0bservers for years. in 2016 they came up with an apps. base on there Theory they can forecast to a certain degree the up coming heart quake. The research have on going for many years and they are still improving the method.

I believe it is worth looking it to it and supporting the effort by getting the apps.


The Disaster Prediction App will show you the current state of the sun, it’s effects on earth, earthquake events, and areas of the earth likely to have large earthquakes. There is a space weather portion of the App and an Earthquake portion of the App. The space weather portion includes the most vital information for alerts for when to pay attention – but most importantly this is your in-hand warning system if the sun ever decides to really rock-and-roll. If we are about to take the big storm that changes the world forever, you’ll know about it beforehand.

The earthquake portion of this App is based on daily observations of a correlation that exists between certain solar phenomena and seismic activity. Our earthquake forecasting model has been able to forecast the location of large earthquake events on five different continents. The app always watching, so you’ll never
have to!




Webs site: http://www.suspicious0bservers.org