Fact check: Can the Liberals really nab $25B in tax cheat crackdown?

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OTTAWA – The Liberal government’s crackdown on tax cheats has proven to be a smashing success — according to the prime minister, anyway.READ MORE: Paradise Papers: Did Canada actually make it easier to stash money offshore?
Story continues below“Our investments have already yielded results. We are on track to recuperate $25 billion from our efforts against tax avoidance and tax evasion,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Nov. 6.The depth of Canada’s tax evasion and avoidance problem erupted in overwhelming detail last week with the release of a trove of documents about offshore accounts and trusts, dubbed the Paradise Papers, that delivered a broadside to the prime minister’s oft-repeated mantra of creating a fairer tax system for the middle class and its hard-working aspirants.Paradise Papers: Offshore tax avoidance is legal, but is it right?

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