About this site


This site goal is to regroup people that would like to blog about there favorite subject but dont know how to put up a blog site and or does not have the time.

Basically anyone blogging on Facebook, who think of getting sponsor. You-blog.club is the solution. Your sponsor will want to know how many page are being viewed and how many view you get. With google analytics we can provide you sponsor with those number. See following sample: analytics-sample-20161017-20161116 this is a fast sample with no specific filter.

Get 1 or more sponsor on good articles and receive benefit payed by your sponsor. The value of your article is up to you and you negotiating skill.  If you ever get so big that your audience value are worth a private blog on you-blog.club it can be also arrange. All you need to know is how to use your user interface and I will setup and maintain the server for you.

A small group of blogger can attract lots of vue. This is why I am planning to limit the subscription for blog at 30 max. Blogger wont post everyday. So if 2 or 3 good post are done every day it will be good to retain reader and have them comeback on regular basis.

You like to write short story. Post it here for the paying member and you will get a prorata.  You have a very good story, poste it on pay per view. or simply put a paying link for your ebook. I keep only 15% fee before taxe (TPS/TVQ if applicable).

Video blogger use the momentum of this site to get more view. and use the youtube option to monetize and make more revenue on your video, add to this a sponsor on the page.

Getting you degree in journalisme, it could be a good investment to be known and show up well on that big job interview.

want to talk about it. let me know